I am not affiliated with any incorporated Church of God or any denomination and do not worship any man. I am not some "off-shoot" of any "Church of God" organization. I am just one child of God currently in a human woman's body who follows only the God of Israel--the Most High God (my Father) and our Savior Jesus Christ (the Firstborn Son of my Father), through the Word the bible. This is not a church; I am just one member of the spiritual body of Christ (Church of God), of which there are members scattered across the world. I uphold true doctrine and prophecy, as well as Godly living and parenting. I believe the begotten sons of God, those of the Church, should be examples to the human family in how a family should operate. I keep and teach the true seventh-day Sabbath of God, the feasts and holy days of God, and obedience to the righteous law of God, which was given to us for our good, because of His love for us (Deut. 6:18, 24;10:12-13) . I reject the false christ's heathen-originated substitute holidays--Sunday, Christmas, Easter, Jan. 1, Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc. I practice and encourage natural family living--being a Godly wife and mother, encouraging my husband to be a Godly father and the head of me and his children, and encouraging my firstborn son to be a good example and leader to his younger siblings. I practice and encourage organic eating and use of herbs and minerals as whole drugs, natural cleaning, natural toys and play, home birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering and/or EC, natural health and prevention, no vaccines, no synthetic food ingredients nor synthetic drugs (except in extreme circumstances, as our hospitals do not use natural whole medicine), home educating children, etc. I encourage every person to prove all things (I Thessalonians 5:21).

A note to the End Time Church of God, the Spiritual Body of Christ.

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*Mark 1:15*
The Kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel!

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